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Norwegian Stekt Fisk In Creamy Dijon With Gurkensalat

  Our dairy free and gluten free world-wide weekly menu plan brought us to Northern Europe for a delicious glimpse into the comfort food of Norway. Our dish included stekt fisk, a crispy tender cod sautéed in dairy free margarine, along with a side of creamy cucumber and red onion salad, aka gurkensalat.   Norwegians […]

Random Impulses

Pork Tenderloin with Sauteed Swiss Chard & Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Overview … This Wednesday my weekly menu plan called for: Protein: Pork Starchy Side: Sweet Potatoes Vegetable: Swiss Chard Of all the cuts of meat I’ve ever prepared, pork loin is definitely one of the most forgiving by far. Meals built around this versatile protein are almost effortless, and easily open to many tasty interpretations. Driving home this Wednesday […]