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Norwegian Stekt Fisk In Creamy Dijon With Gurkensalat

  Our dairy free and gluten free world-wide weekly menu plan brought us to Northern Europe for a delicious glimpse into the comfort food of Norway. Our dish included stekt fisk, a crispy tender cod sautéed in dairy free margarine, along with a side of creamy cucumber and red onion salad, aka gurkensalat.   Norwegians […]

Random Impulses

Seared Pork Chops with Roasted Squash Salad and Cucumber-Tomato Medley

Overview … My weekly menu plan for this Wednesday called for: Protein: Pork Chops Starchy Side: Squash Vegetable: Cucumber The pork dishes in this menu plan have all turned out nicely, so the temptation to repeat one was great. The little voice inside me though was giving me a guilt trip reminding me that I had […]