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Warm, fragrant, gluten frer sole meuniere, dotted with capers and smothered in buttery deliciousness

The Magic Of Gluten Free Sole Meuniere

  Some time ago, I made it my personal mission to become friends with fish. For most of my life I only had one or two pescatarian favourites in my culinary arsenal, but now...

Delicious sole meuniere with a hearty side if my leek & potato hash

Sole Meuniere With Leek & Potato Hash

  This Tuesday our weekly menu plan called for the following. Protein: Sole Vegetable: Leeks Side: Doesn’t matter … has to be potatoes when leeks are involved!   Gluten Free Sole Meuniere When I...

Sole meunière with shrimp salad in endives and roasted black eyed peas

Sole Meuniere with Shrimp Salad in Endives and Roasted Black Eyed Beans

Black Eyed Sole This Monday our menu plan called for the following: Protein: Sole or Flounder Vegetable: Endives Side: Black Eyed Peas So we’re a bit all over the map with this one, let’s...