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Ethiopian Eggplant Wot With Injera, Roasted Kohlrabi Chips & Salad Greens

  Our gluten free & dairy free world-wide weekly menu plan makes a return visit to the Horn of Africa, bringing us the sumptuous flavours of home-made injera, a tasty stew of eggplant wot, and a bit of non-traditional kohlrabi to round things out deliciously.   As an open-minded carnivore myself, I simply love discovering […]

Random Impulses

Eritrean Injera with Zigni, Dorho Tsebhi, Alicha and Shiro

  This Monday our world wide dairy & gluten free weekly menu plan brought us to East Africa to enjoy the conversation-starting intimacy of injera from Eritrea with zigni, dorho tsebhi, alicha and shiro!   Eritrean Injera This delicious flatbread is made from fermented naturally gluten free teff flour and water. Now as strange as […]