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Gluten Free Stekt Fisk With Braised Mushrooms

  Confession: I’ve Made Gluten Free Stekt Fisk Before When I first made stekt fisk months ago, it quickly become obvious that this Norwegian classic was very similar to French sole meuniere. Lightly floured fish in a brown butter sauce is always a winner in my book no matter what country it comes from, but […]

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White Fish Croquettes with Mushroom & Spinach Cheese Sauce and Lemon Quinoa

Overview … My weekly menu plan for this Tuesday called for: Protein: White Fish Starchy Side: Quinoa Vegetable: Kohlrabi When I say white fish what I really mean is, on week 4 of the menu plan I had no idea what seafood to serve besides salmon, trout, tuna, shrimps or scallops. Grasping for straws I spent […]