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Ten Budget-Friendly Batch Cooking Ideas

Getting our finances back on track after the holidays can be challenging, which makes buying ingredients when they’re on special very practical, especially for cooking in batches to freeze for later on and maybe save up that extra money for a well-deserved summer vacation.

Beyond the savings of buying in bulk when prices are low, there’s also the added bonus of spending less tine during the week preparing lunches & dinners. With a well-stocked freezer full of pre-made meals, work lunches and week-night meals are just a microwaveable few minutes away.

Putting aside one weekend each couple of months should be more than enough time to plan your batch cooking in advance, just be sure to get plenty of tupperware for the occasion and recruit family members to help with all the chopping, before you know it there will be a freezer full of goodies that everyone can enjoy.

Here are ten IC favourites that freeze really well and can easily become tasty candidates for your next batch-cooking extravaganza:

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