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Turkmen Salmon Shashlik With Chickpea Salad

  The last time I made salmon shashlik from Turkmenistan, we were so pleasantly surprised with the results that we had to have a repeat prrformance. Thankfully, that day finally arrived, and to change things up a bit I wanted to include a slightly different twist, namely with a delicious bed of chickpea salad!   […]

Random Impulses

Turkmen Salmon Shashlik on Rice with Roasted Eggplant Salad

  This Monday our world wide dairy & gluten free weekly menu plan brought us to Central Asia and gave us the chance to explore some of the delicious flavours of Turkmenistan.   Turkmen Salmon Shashlik I’m still not entirely sure if it’s properly spelt shashlik or shashlyk, but either way it means skewered meat […]