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Roasted Peppers And Onions Au Gratin With Sauteed Garlic Scapes

  Sauteed mushrooms, roasted peppers & onions, all topped with finely grated dairy free cheese and broiled to perfection, then with a side of garlic scapes sauteed in brown butter. This was not a very planned out meal by any means, instead it was purely a craving for sweet roasted vegetables with cheese on top. […]

Random Impulses

The Intriguing Mystery Of Garlic Scapes

  What a pleasant surprise this week when a close friend of LIz gifted us with a large bag of her own home grown produce from their garden. The mom omens I saw these lovely garlic scapes I was pleasantly surprised. I’m intrigued and perturbed all at the same time since I admittedly have never […]