Random Impulses

Seasonal Cravings

It never ceases to amaze me how our appetites are genuinely affected by each passing season, much the same way as we feel perky in the spring and sluggish in the winter, our cravings for certain types of food also seem to be regulated by the time of year.

Now to be perfectly up front, there is absolutely zero science backing my proclamations here, I am speaking purely from observational evidence, so disclaimer done. But almost immediately after the leaves have fallen I begin to have this overwhelming craving for luxurious slow cooked stews with crusty bread and roasted root vegetables, or braised meats accompanied by mashed potatoes and hearty red wine.

Now that we are almost half way through our cold Canadian winter months, I’m not quite done with this hearty fare but only a day or two ago I had a fleeting temptation of what it might be like to have some fresh cucumber salad or a garden variety minestrone, relegating instead to an unctuous bowl of thick leek & potato and some lovely herbed croutons instead, but the thought was there, which makes me wonder a bit.

Could our brains be conditioned over the years to crave foods that are seasonal to our environment? If I lived in say Jamaica or Bahamas, would my cravings change? I think a long period of on-site research is the only way to know for sure🌞

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