Random Impulses

IC Weekly Update – July 15, 2017

Hi folks, here’s my first edition of the Impulsive Culinarian weekly update here on the IC blog, a new way to let you know what’s happening across all channels associated with IC.


What’s Been Happening?

Everyone has their own favourite way to be social, so to keep up with you guys I’ve decided to create new exclusive content for each of the different major social platforms. Be sure to check out the following links to join the conversation with me on whichever platform you like most:








What’s Coming Up?

Every Friday I’ll be posting a new weekly update here on IC’s bog page, along with exclusive updates and content for all the social sites listed above. More than this, you can expect a new post daily here on the IC blog as well as a new Recipe/How-To video released on my YouTube channel every Saturday morning.

So stay tuned, and Happy cooking!!