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My Culinary Mission

Hello there, welcome to my site. My name is Paul and I’m an impulsive home-chef with a passion for developing delicious recipes that also happen to be free of gluten, dairy & soy. While allergen-friendliness is important to me, it is taste above all that drives me; I refuse to sacrifice flavour in my pursuit of gluten free & dairy free cooking.

Paul, the Impulsive Culinarian - Pic courtesy of my youngest daughter :)

Paul, the Impulsive Culinarian – Pic courtesy of my youngest daughter 🙂


Our Family Food Challenge

This all started when I met my wife Liz, yes it’s all my wife’s fault, but what a wonderful awakening it was. Diagnosed with celiac disease as a young adult, Liz spent much of her life during the shady days of gluten freedom when almost every product was hard to find and ridiculously priced.


Cost-Consciousness Turned Passion

I was shocked to learn the cost of living a gluten free lifestyle and set about putting my fledgling culinary skills to good use by experimenting in the kitchen. After years of discovering the properties of so many gluten free flours and starches, I eventually began raising the bar beyond allergen friendliness, aiming instead to create truly delicious food … that just happens to be safe for celiac sufferers like Liz.

Me and my wife Liz

Me and my wife Liz


Discovering My Own Intolerances

Early on, I never assumed that any of this research and recipe development would directly benefit me in any way, since in my mind there was no such need for restriction in my own diet. Despite being an admittedly stubborn (and impulsive) person, I eventually learned about my own very real intolerance to gluten, and dairy, and soy, and sulphites, and refined sugar. My first exclusion diet gave me such an unparalleled sense of physical relief, until that moment I never realized how much I had been in denial of my own dietary needs. After years of finally tuning in and listening to my body, I’m now more confident and thankful than ever how much this realization has changed (and extended) my life.


It’s A Family Affair

When our first daughter was born we were elated, and despite our own respective allergen restrictions we undertook the responsibility of feeding our child all the regular things you would expect including dairy products, wheat products, organic or otherwise. Something strange was happening however and we grew concerned at the increasingly frequent amounts of ear infections, UTIs and severe colds she had all through her young life. Purely as an experiment we tried switching our daughter to a gluten free & dairy free diet, and sure enough all the infections stopped.

Our allergen-aware family

Our allergen-aware family


No Looking Back

What started as a last-ditch experiment with little hope quickly became a real-life remedy for all the sleepless nights and constant, nearly back-to-back regular doses of anti-biotics. When our second daughter was born we didn’t hesitate to continue with our allergen-friendly routine, and thankfully both our girls have been happy & healthy ever since. Luckily eggs, nuts and chocolate seem to be fine for all of us, which comes in handy ALL the time.


Great Food Calls For Great Wine

Championing a gluten free lifestyle means thinking out of the box, and after many years of trial and error I’ve discovered several unique recipes for success. Along the way we’ve also since developed an affinity for great wine to compliment our repertoire of delicious allergen-friendly food, and what a fun journey that has been!

Cheers to all of your future culinary successes!

Cheers to all of your future culinary successes!


Sharing Is Caring

With a motivation to share all these culinary findings, I’ve put together a growing collection of recipe / how-to videos to prove that truly anyone can enjoy delicious food while maintaining a dairy free & gluten free lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but in my opinion it always has to be delicious. I wish you continued success in your own culinary adventures, and if you’ve read this far, wow, you should probably get yourself a drink!


Join me each Wednesday at 8:30 Eastern for my live Winesday broadcast on Youtube, Facebook, Periscope & Twitter

Join me each Wednesday at 8:30 Eastern for my live Winesday broadcast on Youtube, Facebook, Periscope & Twitter


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