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My culinary mission throughout the years has always been to create uncompromisingly delicious food that just happens to be allergen friendly.

While selfishly it means that nearly everything I make is

  • free of gluten, dairy, soy
  • devoid of overly refined sugar
  • organic whenever possible

… the recipes herein are by no means sub-standard knockoffs … these are the real deal!

The incredible aroma emanating from this is unmistakably delicious ... If you've ever made this kind of dish you know exactly what I mean!

The incredible aroma emanating from this is unmistakably delicious … If you’ve ever made authentic wine-braised beef you know exactly what I mean!


Approaching each recipe as a specialty dish gives me the inspiration I need to make food that creates memories and keeps us wanting more, the fact that it’s allergen friendly is just a plus (an important one of course, but still not the main attraction).

With this motivation in mind, I find myself constantly looking for my culinary identity in the cuisines that are unfamiliar to me. Even as a proud Canadian, this culinary exploration always gives me a sense of greater responsibility to respect the traditions and heritage of the country I am learning about through food.

Hopefully you will find some of that sense of adventure in the recipes below … happy cooking!



Be sure to drop us a line at your favourite social hangout with any new recipe suggestions you’d like to see here on IC.


Wishing you much delicious success in all of your culinary adventures.